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Week 12 – Nov. 4 – 7

November 3, 2019 by Kim Sorensen & Rebecca Farley

4th Grade Math: I cannot believe we are to the end of trimester one. Time definitely flies by when you are having fun! This week we worked on division and I am so proud of how hard these kiddos are working. This is such a difficult concept and we are making progress! This week we will finish up the four operations unit with story problems and a unit assessment. On Thursday we will take a trimester assessment on all of the skills we have covered so far. This includes place value, factors, multiples, prime numbers, composite numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication (all of which use the traditional algorithm), and finally division. It has been a hefty trimester of computation! Homework this week will be math facts except for Tuesday, which will be workbook page 76.

3rd Grade Math: Last week we introduced the concept of division. As long as we are working on division in isolation, the students do very well. As soon as we mix it up with multiplication it is a struggle to keep straight if we are starting with the total or finding the total. We will continue to work on this at the beginning of the week. We will have a multiplication and division quiz and then on Thursday we will have a trimester assessment on all the skills we have covered so far this year. These include place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Homework this week will be math facts except for Wednesday which will be a review worksheet.

In writing this week, most students completed their second narrative story. Students still had peer editing and conference with me throughout their writing process. I feel like students have improved their understanding of the writing process and their stories are becoming more fluent! As a class we will once again discuss and review each step of the writing process and look at examples of other narratives. Since this is the last week in the trimester, students will have one last post assessment writing assignment. For this last narrative I will assign the whole class a general prompt, allowing each student to individualize their specific story. This last narrative will be a completely independent assignment and NOT include peer editing or conferencing with the teacher. Other assignments due this week include grammar and writing strategies on IXL.

In projects, we are working hard to complete our Nevada map assignment. Most students have identified all of their physical features, but still need to identify the counties, cities, and populations. As groups complete this project, they will present their creative map to another group within our class. We hope to get started on our next unit, Human Systems and Environment this week.  

** A VERY special thank you to the parents and volunteers who put on the Halloween party for our classroom. The kids all had a great afternoon and enjoyed playing many creative games and activities. Students were all very festive in their costumes… see pictures below

  • Monday 11/4- Book Fair- Our class will be visiting the Arctic Adventure Book Fair Monday afternoon. The Book Fair will also be open other times throughout the week, with Family night on Thursday Nov. 7th, from 6:30-8:30. You can send money with your child any time this week. 
  • This Thursday, Nov 7th is the end of the trimester. ALL assignments must be submitted by Thursday @4:00 pm. If your child mentions they are going to study hall it is in attempts to complete missing assignments. 
  • The National Junior Honor Society’s annual Coat Drive- accepting coats, jackets, sweatshirts, snow pants, warm hats, gloves and scarves through Nov. 14th. 
  • Friday, Nov 15- Parent/Teacher conferences. Please be watching for a signup genius coming out soon!

…More pictures coming as soon as I can post them not upside down!