Week 11- Gratitude

November 12, 2018 by Miss Morrison

This is a week that we focus on being thankful for the amazing lives that we all live.  Fostering an attitude of thankfulness on a daily basis can make incredible benefits in each of our lives. Creating this attitude in our children can give them years of increased joy.

In our read aloud, we will meet a fun pair of turkey brothers names Turk and Runt.  We will be adding another comprehension skill to our repertoire- retelling. This is a very important skill for students to develop.  We have some traffic light cues that help us remember to talk about the three parts of a story.

Green: Beginning- This is where we meet our character and get to know them a little bit. We also take note of the setting.

Yellow: Middle- This is where we often discover the character’s problem. We slow down to think about the different ways the character tries to solve the problem and/or note how things may get worse before they get better. We are really thinking about the events that take place. (This is the meatiest part of the retell.)

Red: Ending- This usually involves how the character’s problem gets solved. Sometimes, there may be a cliffhanger left to leave the characters open to another adventure (story).

We note character’s feelings and actions throughout the story.


Last week, we learned the Secret Stories of thsh, and ch. This week, we learn about the tricky sounds that er-ir-urar, and or make and the stories behind them.

In phonemic awareness, we will continue to work with syllables.  Our children will listen for the syllables and be able to divide spoken words into syllables.  Additionally, they will be able to listen to words given in syllable form and blend the syllables to tell what the word is.  To introduce this concept we used their own names.

Our Kindergartners have been doing wonderful work on our very first PBL (Project Based Learning) project. This project has focused on getting to know our classmates, asking and answering questions, and sharing details that support their opinions. This week, they will be creating the posters that they will share with their classmates on Wednesday through a Community Share and the other Kindergarten class through a Gallery Walk on Thursday.

This week in math, students will be continuing their work with numbers 0-10. The concepts of one-more and especially one-less can be a bit difficult for our Kindergartners to become automatic with so spending a little extra time on them may be a good idea during homework.

As the end of our trimester nears, we will be conducting several assessments.


Important Upcoming Dates:

Fall Break- N0 school the week of November 19th

Conferences- December 7th (Friday)




10 minutes each night. Reading can include reading stories, the poems in the binder, sight words, and working on alphabet sounds and letter names. (No homework for Monday)


Remember, math should be done for 10 minutes.

Optional IXL objectives:

Monday- No Homework

Tuesday –C.12 Count one less – up to 10

Wednesday- C.13 One more and one less – up to 10

Thursday- C.14 Count one more and one less – up to 10

Skills can be revisited and repeated to increase your child’s automaticity.