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Week 11- Costumes

October 27, 2019 by Miss Morrison

Our theme this week is Costumes. We will read the delightful book Harriet Gets Carried Away which features a girl who loves costumes. We will also be reading a nonfiction book about Halloween. We will be practicing our comprehension skills of making connections and predicting. We have two animal friends that help us remember to use these skills when reading-

Text to Tiger reminds us to Make Connections. This includes connecting what we are currently reading to:

* other texts we’ve read

* ourselves (feelings, experiences, opinions)

* the world around us (friends, family members, people of other cultures)

Predicting Panda reminds us to Make Predictions. This involves using the pictures we see and the words we hear to think about what a book is going to be about. We think about what might happen next in the story or the kinds of things we may learn from a nonfiction book. An important part of making a quality prediction is being able to tell other people why we are thinking what we are thinking. Something that can be confusing when learning about making predictions is that a prediction is not “bad” or “wrong” just because what I thought would happen didn’t happen in the author’s story- as long as I used information to make a prediction that was reasonable, it’s good.

Math this week will be primarily review while I conduct assessment interviews.

Our Kindergartners will be partnering up with our 8th grade class this week as I mentioned in last weeks blog post. After the 8th graders and kindergartners get to know each other a little better they will help us out with our All About Me Project. They will each get an 8th grade partner in which they will work together with on interviewing each other and creating a poster to highlight some of the things about themselves. The 8th graders only get to meet with us for about 20 minutes a week so it will be several weeks until this project is over. However, we will continue to meet with our 8th graders all year, and work on other fun activities!

Thursday will be a very busy day. Students are allowed to wear their Halloween costumes to school, but they must cover as much of their body as their school uniform does. We have our Halloween party in the afternoon with games and activities. (Keep your eyes out for an email about some materials/supplies I could use help gathering for the party) Thank you so much those parents that have stepped up to volunteer for the party, I have all of the volunteers I need already. We also will be having a costume parade in the morning, starting at 8:45. The students will be walking through every classroom, the cafeteria, and the playground to show off their costumes! I could use 1 or 2 extra adults to help with this event as our kinders sometimes get a little lost following the parade line 🙂 The parade usually lasts about 30 minutes, let me know if you are interested. All volunteers, interested do need to be background checked and cleared with the school.

Student Councils will be holding a class Halloween Costume Contest on our dress-up day, Oct. 31st. Each class will vote for the best costume. Every winner gets a prize and there are grand prizes for best elementary, middle school, and high school costumes!

While you’re cleaning out the coat closet gather up any pairs of shoes you no longer want and donate them also.  Oasis high school and middle school Student Councils are participating in a Global Act of Kindness by pairing up with to bring shoes to the children of Ghana, Africa.  Children in Ghana cannot attend school if they do not have a pair of shoes so please help us help them. These shoes will not only keep them from having to go barefoot, but also give them the gift of an education.  We are holding a shoe drive until October 31 to collect any new or used shoes (sneakers, sandals, etc). There is a purple tub at the front office to drop them in. New and gently used shoes will go on their feet and shoes that are more worn will be recycled. The money from the recycled shoes will allow them to purchase school supplies, books and medical supplies.



10 minutes each night. 

Reading should include a variety of the following activities

– reading stories (your child should at times be the reader and at other times be the listener)

– reading the poems in the binder

– working on alphabet sounds and letter names (students have mastered sounds and names should be shifting this practice time to noticing these within their own reading and writing)

– sight word games/practice.


10 minutes each night.

Your child can work on any objectives 1-14 in Skill Section C. Numbers and counting up to 10. If your child seems pretty solid with those, feel free to have them spend some time on objectives in Skill Section C or another area they seem interested in. Repeated practice and skill mastery is what we are aiming for.

Our school’s homework focus for math is math facts. At this point of the year, for our students this is recognizing numerals 0-10 and their corresponding amounts. Students should also be strengthening their ability to write these numerals clearly.

The use of traditional card and board games is a very fun way to go. Your child can also count and sort various items from around the house. An important concept we are working on is “one more”. Building towers or collections that gradually get larger and labeling them with the corresponding numerals can be a fun way to practice these important skills.

You can also take the cards 1-10 out of a deck of cards and have your child build sets of objects to match the card they pull. If you both pull and build, you can them add in the additional step of comparing the amounts.