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Week 11

October 28, 2019 by Eric Grimes

Ancient World History: We started this week with a quiz over Chapter 3 in our textbook covering the Indo-Europeans and civilizations in the Mediterranean. Students will be introduced to the rise of Empires through the remainder of the week. Group projects will be worked on Tuesday and Thursday. Due dates are November 13th and 14th.

American Government and Economics: We will have a quiz on Lesson 10 as we get into Lesson 11 regarding the Framers’ design of the three branches of government. Research paper Organizers are due Tuesday to both Mrs. Stockard and myself. The Organizer is worth a quiz score in both classes. Students will have time in class to work on their papers.

We the People: We will continue to build testimonials and hone cross question responses in preparation for the the student Showcase on November 21st from 6-9pm at Oasis Academy. The students are working incredibly hard and are eager to show their knowledge of the Constitution. Guest judges will be there that night to provide feedback and coaches.