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Week 11

October 28, 2019 by Mandy Helwig

5th Grade Math – We are continuing our study of fractions this week. This week we will begin multiplying a fraction by a whole number, and a mixed number by a whole number.

Homework is sent home every Monday and collected on Wednesday, and the next assignment is sent home on Wednesday and collected on Monday. If your student is not completing homework, they are missing recess time and doing it in study hall.

6th Grade Math – We are finishing Unit 3 on Monday by taking our Decimal Test. This week we are moving on to Unit 4, Negative Numbers. We will discuss how negative numbers are used in real life, plot negative numbers on a number line, and determine absolute value.

6th Grade Projects – We presented our landform models and essays on Thursday. We will begin a new unit this week on Weather and Climate!