Week 10 – Veterans Day

November 5, 2018 by Miss Morrison

A big thank you to all of the families who helped with our party by giving donations and running the activity rotations on Halloween!  We explored Halloween themed sensory bins, had some spider races , felt some mystery boxes, played bingo, made pumpkin cookies, and listened to a story and made a puppet to go along with it. The kids had a great time!

We had a visit from our local firefighters and they shared a lot of important safety information with us. Including staying low to avoid breathing in as much smoke, not trying to hide from fire, and having an escape plan (with at least 2 exits) and a meeting place for family members. They also emphasized that you “get out AND stay out”. They also reminded students to “stop, drop, and roll” while covering their faces if their clothes were ever to catch fire.

This week our theme will be Veterans Day.  If you have a veteran in your family, please send in a photocopied picture.  The kids love to see all of the men and women who are celebrated on this important patriotic holiday.  It’s extra great if you add who they are and what branch of the military they have served in on the back. We will be using nonfiction books about Veterans Day to learn about the topic and the key details that informational books use to help us learn. We will also be reading about families who have members serving and the feelings they experience.

While we have been writing and reading we have we have found that there are times our letters are not making the sounds we expect them to make. When this happens it is because there is a “grown up reading and writing secret” in action in that word. We are becoming such strong thinkers that we are ready to start learning some more of these “secret stories”! We have a special wall in our room that displays visual reminders of these tricky letters and what they sometimes do. This week we will be learning about the sounds /sh/, /th/, and /ch/.

In writing, we will be continuing our work on answering questions about our opinions. Last week, we wrote about things we enjoy doing at the park/playground. This week we will be writing about activities that we enjoy doing with friends and family.

In math, we are continuing our work on understanding and using numbers up to 10. This work includes thinking about quantities and using counting patterns. Counting in a descending order (10-0) is trickier than counting in an ascending order (0-10). This would be a great skill to reinforce with your child while cruising along in the car or waiting in checkout lines. Using fingers (or small objects) to match the number as it is being said reinforces understanding of changing quantities. There are many fun poems, songs, and books that reinforce these concepts in fun ways. We will be using the 10 in a Bed song this week, including making our own set of stuffed animal pictures to use to model the corresponding amounts.


Your child will be bringing home some new math games in their binder on Thursday.

Some directions-

Towers and Write to 10: For this activity, your child builds a tower to match the amount shown in the ten frame picture. The tower can be built with whatever you have handy- blocks, LEGOS, coins, or whatever. If you do not have items that will stack well or you are just wanting more variety, it is totally valuable to make sets of items (such as stuffed animals, books, hot wheels. and so on). After they have a matching set of items, they use a dry erase marker to write the matching numeral next to the ten frame.

Scoop and Count On: Your child rolls a die (or you could simply assign a number). They write that number in the circle on the ice cream cone. They then write the next four numbers in counting order. For example, if a 3 is rolled, the numeral 3 is written in the circle, then a 4 in the scoop above it, then a 5 in the scoop above that, then a 6 in the scoop above that, and then a 7 in the top scoop.

I hope your family enjoys these games!



The school’s book fair will be open this week. We visited as a class on Monday for students to get a chance to scope things out. Family night is Thursday 6-8 pm—books, games, and food are all involved! Yippee!



10 minutes each night. Reading can include reading stories, the poems in the binder, sight words, and working on alphabet sounds and letter names.

* Only a few students have passed their first sight word list. Please make sure that sight word practice is a nightly part of your sight word homework- it only needs to be for like 2 or 3 minutes, but its impact on their ability to read is HUGE!


Remember, math should be done for 10 minutes.

Optional IXL objectives:

Monday- C.8 Represent numbers – up to 10

Tuesday – C.9 One more – up to 10

Wednesday- C.10 Count one more – up to 10

Thursday- C.11 One less – up to 10

Skills can be revisited and repeated to increase your child’s automaticity.