Week 1- Starting School

September 4, 2018 by Miss Morrison

The beginning of Kindergarten is largely about learning new routines and school expectations, as well as becoming familiar with our room, teacher, and classmates.

This week, we will be reading about Froggy’s First Day of School. Students will be learning about how to “read the pictures” of a book. This is a way for beginning readers to thoughtfully interact with a book even if the text is not yet accessible to them. Thinking and talking about what we see characters “thinking, feeling, and doing” is a valuable way to begin to raise reading comprehension.

In math, we will explore different math manipulatives. These are tools that help us solidify understanding while having hands on fun.

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Reading: Read with your child for 10 minutes each night. Enjoy discussing the story with your child. Take things slow and encourage your child to describe what they notice in the pictures and to share what they are thinking about the characters.

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Remember, math should be done for 10 minutes.

Tuesday- A.1 Learn to count to 3
A.2 Count to 3
Wednesday- A. 3 Count using stickers- up to three
A.4 Count on ten frames- up to three
Thurs- A.5 Show numbers on ten frames- up to three
A. 6 Represent numbers- up to three

Optional math extension: Count small objects with your child. Have them move each object as it is counted. Have them count as high as they can. Some ideas for objects are cereal, pennies, tiny toys (Shopkins or Hot Wheels or LEGO pieces or whatever your child has a bunch of).

Your child will also get to decorate a paper for the front of their binder. This is open ended and totally up to you and your child. Some options are stickers, drawings, photographs, or some combination. Your child can decorate the binder page whichever night you choose.