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Upcoming Week’s Info. 8/31/19

August 31, 2019 by Jill Rosario

Happy Labor Day Weekend!  I hope you are enjoying family and friends.  See below for class information regarding the upcoming school week.

*Math Classes:  Please remember that this blog is updated when I plan for the week.  If we take longer on a lesson that I had planned, it could mean that the HW is differen than what the blog stated when I planned.  We will adjust and discuss the new plan in class and I write in on the weekly board.  I may not get everything changed on the blog and Pearson.  Students can always look at their notes…if he/she has NO NOTES on a certain lesson (1-5 for example) then that HW is NOT DUE no matter what the blog or Pearson says.  I will never assign HW that we haven’t talked about in class!  (We usually never go faster than what the blog says, but sometimes we do slow down.)

7th Math:  We begin Chapter 2 this week on real numbers.  Overall, the class did really well on the Chapter 1 Test.  Nice job!

HW:  From the book each night…Tuesday – 2.1; Wednesday – 2.2; Thursday – 2.3

8th Math:  We will finish up Chapter/Topic 1 this week.  I’m thinking our test will be Wednesday, Sept. 11, but check the blog next weekend for sure.

HW:  All on Additional Practices…Tuesday 1-5; Wednesday 1-6; Thursday 1-7

8th Projects: This Thursday is the day 3D cell projects are DUE!!  Final Cell Test and Vocab. Quiz is Monday, Sept. 9th