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This week in English…

February 3, 2020 by Julie Stockard

Ninth graders are working on a college research paper. This work is done mostly in class, with some time at home. Rough drafts are due on 2/4 and final drafts are due 2/13. Tenth graders are reading Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. We are doing the reading mostly in class, with acting days, class discussion, and some writing to help everyone understand the plot and the language. Tenth graders have a quiz on Acts 1-2 on Thursday. Tenth grade students also have a WNC class (EPY 150) with homework assignments to turn in according to their syllabus. They should check the schedule to avoid falling behind.

Candy grams are being sold at Oasis in the lunchroom. If your student wants to purchase those, they are $0.50 each and must be paid for in advance.

This week is a spirit week in the high school! Students have themed dress up days, with Pack the Stands basketball games on Friday and the Homecoming dance on Saturday. It’s a busy week for these students!