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September 9-12

September 8, 2019 by Amy O'Flaherty

Please consider donating a gift card to our grade level contribution for this year’s Future Fest! Mrs. Byrd and I will be collecting gift cards in any amount and from any place until October 30th. Just send them in to either class and we will take care of the rest. Thanks so much for any support you can give!

Don’t forget the science vocabulary and content test on Monday!

This week in class:

7th Grade Reading–Students will watch a video, and read and respond to informational stories about current events. They will use Habits of Discussion to go deep and look at issues surrounding us. We will also continue reading The Girl Who Drank the Moon and answer vocabulary and comprehension questions surrounding the text. Students will annotate their second poem of the year, Deserted Farm. They are working on using the guide provided to them to annotate, but we are working on making sure they get all of the information down!

7th Grade Writing–We will finish our notes on the 6 writing traits; student swill then be given a prompt from The Girl Who Drank the Moon and write a character analysis on it (informative essay). They will be required to have a solid thesis with 3 points they will discuss in their body paragraphs. They will also be required to use specific evidence from their novels for support. We will continue to use NoRedInk as a program for grammar and conventions. 

8th Grade Reading–Students will listen to and read about current events (Week in Rap); they will respond to their reading; we will read chapters 3-5 in Lord of the Flies and respond deeply to the text. Students will respond in writing to several prompts throughout the week, using evidence based terms and specific evidence. This is something we need to focus on.

8th Grade Writing–Writing informative on a topic of their choice. Students will write at least a rough draft to turn in by Thursday. They will write an analysis of Lord of the Flies after this one.

Projects–Final exam on cells (and vocabulary) is tomorrow! Students should be studying each night. They may use their 20 minutes of reading to study vocabulary. On Tuesday we will start our study of body systems. Students will learn about the circulatory, digestive, muscular, nervous, excretory, and respiratory systems. We will start our final project on this on Monday, September 16th. 

Homework this week: Both 7th and 8th read for 20 minutes and fill out log. Logs are checked every Monday morning.