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September 30-October 3

September 30, 2019 by Amy O'Flaherty

7th grade families, please remember to send in cash or gift cards in any amount for our Future Fest Fundraiser. This is optional, of course, and we appreciate any support we get.

Science test Monday, October 7th–students should be studying Quizlet terms on the human body systems. They will also receive a study guide that they will need to fill out and use for studying. They may use their 20 minutes of reading to study for this test.

This week in class:

7th Grade Reading–Girl Who Drank the Moon–chapters 17-22; students will answer questions using direct text evidence, and will work on analyzing the evidence. 

7th Grade Writing–We will finish our character analysis essays this week. These have taken longer than we planned, but kids are working through the writing process and using our conferences to improve their writing!

8th Grade Reading–We will finish Lord of the Flies this week. Students will respond to question with solid evidence, and draw conclusions/individual analysis about the ending. 

Projects–We will work on our human body posters Monday and Tuesday, then practice presentations before presenting on Thursday. The final test on human body systems will be next Monday, and students should study as much as possible at home.


7th/8th grade–fill out reading log (20 minutes of reading and summary). You may use your reading time to study for science. Please remember to summarize your study session, however.