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September 3-5, 2019

September 2, 2019 by Amy O'Flaherty

Keep studying science vocabulary. The test will be Monday, September 9. There will also be several open ended questions about cells, their different parts, and functions of parts. Students may use reading homework time to study vocabulary. However, you must write down that you studies, as well as a reflection of how it’s going–which words are you still struggling with, are you ready, etc. 

Homework is 20 minutes of reading each night. Please return reading logs to school on Tuesday (usually Monday) this week. Students must list the title of the book, the date they read, and a 2-4 sentence summary of their reading. This is an automatic 100% homework grade. If not completed, students will receive a 0 for the week’s homework.

Retake policy: Students may retake any scored assignment, test, or quiz they wish to improve upon within 3 days of receiving their score. They must come to me and initiate the conversation, as well as set up a time to retake.  This responsibility lies solely with the students. 

This week in class:

7th Grade Reading–We will begin reading The Girl Who Drank the Moon. Students will answer comprehensions questions and use evidence to support answers each time. We will also continue annotating poetry and working on reading stamina.

7th Grade Writing–After finishing our mini me project, students will begin working on their first big writing assignment. They will write informatively, using the 6 writing traits and rubric to guide their papers. I will conference frequently with all students.

8th Grade Reading–We will read through chapter 2 (at least) in Lord of the Flies). Students will complete writing prompts around various topics of the novel. Students will also continue annotating 8th grade poetry. 

8th Grade Writing–Students will write informatively, and also build stamina through journal prompts.

Projects–This week we will work on finishing our cell projects. We are planning a gallery walk with other classes on Thursday.