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September 23-26

September 23, 2019 by Amy O'Flaherty

Seventh grade is putting together a gift card tree for the Future Fest Fundraiser that will be held November 1. Please, if you’re able, send any gift card in any amount into us, OR just send in case (again, any amount) and we will purchase gift cards through the OA Scrip program. 

Monday of this week is picture day.

This week in class:

7th Grade Reading: Students will read several chapters of The Girls Who Drank the Moon. We will explore theme, character traits, and practice summarizing using main idea and details. 

7th Grade Writing: We will finish our character analysis essays and continue practicing grammar on No Red Ink.

8th Grade Reading: Lord of the Flies, through chapter 9 (possibly 10)–students will be focusing on engaging in higher level discussions and pulling out critical parts of this novel. 

8th Grade Writing: Students will begin writing an essay surrounding the topic of civilized to savage behavior in our class novel. They will use the writing process and 6 writing traits to construct an analysis of how the boys in the novel progress from being civilized to engaging in more savage-like behavior.

Projects: This week students will work on their human body group project. They are in groups of 3 and are creating a life size body model of one of the 6 main body systems we studies in class. Engagement grades will be taken all week, and students will complete a peer/self evaluation on the project. The evaluation will count for as much as the actual physical project. 

Homework: Fill out reading log (20 minutes); you may study for science vocabulary for your 20 minutes.