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September 16-19, 2019

September 15, 2019 by Amy O'Flaherty

Please consider donating a gift card to our 7th grade gift card tree for this year’s Oasis Academy Future Fest. We will collect gift cards in any amount and to any venue until the first week in November. It’s an awesome item, and last year it brought in great money for our school! Send gift cards to Mrs. O. or Mrs. Byrd. 

Homework this week: Read for 20 minutes and fill out log; students may spend their 20 minutes studying science terms on Quizlet. 

This week in class:

7th Grade Reading–Continue with The Girl Who Drank the Moon. Students will focus on writing evidence based responses and identifying character traits in their informative writing.

7th Grade Writing–Students will use the 6 writing traits and the writing process to write an informative essay on a character from our class novel. Character analyses must have supporting evidence, and students will use the book to gather as much strong support as they can.

8th Grade Reading–Lord of the Flies–chapters 5-7; students will use their novels to create written responses with textual evidence. We will also work on CAFE strategies while reading and responding to current events (nonfiction text).

8th Grade Writing–This week students will respond to prompts from their class novel with text evidence; they will also work on identifying prepositions, dependent clauses, and independent clauses on No Red Ink.

Projects–We will continue learning about 6 of our body’s systems: circulatory, nervous, excretory, digestive, muscular, and respiratory. Students will be put into small groups to begin their research for their final project on this topic. Mr. Kelly will be in twice to help students use the Google Expeditions to look at specific organs of the 6 body systems.