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Sept. 16th-19th, 2019

September 15, 2019 by Nicole Hyde

*Please remember to check your student’s grades on Infinite Campus regularly.  Regular checking minimizes grade surprises! ? They are always welcome to redo assignments. 

Reminders and Announcements: 

  • If you have not returned your paperwork from the binder, please do so ASAP.  I am still missing a few students. It would be greatly appreciated. Papers were sent home for those who had missing ones! 
  • Next Thursday, September 26 ~ PJammin’ for Cancer dress up day! 
  • For a donation in any amount, students may wear pajamas. All proceeds benefit Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation
  • Students may practice their vocabulary words at home for reading.  Kids can log onto their Google account and access it through their Google Classroom or they can bring their notebooks home.        Test will be this Thursday, Sept. 19th. 

5th grade Reading: We continue to read our novel Wonder by RJ Palacio. We will begin the week comparing and contrasting the difference between “Via’s mom” and “Auggie’s mom.” This week we will begin reading  part 3, which is Summer’s point of view. In addition, we will continue our study of figurative language, specifically idioms which are found throughout our novel. Finally, students will take two more comprehension quizzes on the novel.  These quizzes are open book so it is important that students use this resource to help them. 

5th grade Writing: 5th grade authors will continue writing their stories. We will do a quick draft to get their “main” idea down and then work on elaborating and giving description to their ideas. Students will be writing a setting based narrative. They will think of a specific location that brings back a specific memory and elaborate on that memory.  

5th grade Projects: In projects, we will finally begin working in groups of three to use the scientific process in order to conduct and present an experiment about matter.  Experiments will be done on Thursday. Their vocabulary test will be Thursday, Sept. 19th. We will practice at school, and kids can practice at home as part of their reading homework. (see above) Here is the link again 😉  

6th grade Reading: Sixth graders continue to read The Maze Runner by James Dashner, chapters 13-17. Students will be discussing how rules and authority play a part in the plot of the story. In order for the dystopian society of the Glade to survive, the characters must rely on rules and order no matter the circumstance. . Students will also continue to work on their map of the Glade project. Students will use the project guide and project rubric to help guide their work. In addition, I will be conferring with groups and making suggestions to help guide their work. Materials for this project should be basic and should not have to be purchased. For example, students will need a lot of twigs, a cardboard box, grass, leaves, small rocks or pebbles that can be painted to represent garden plants. They may also need some small toy farm animals that can be brought from home or borrowed, these will be returned after the project is over. Students will complete another open book comprehension quiz this week. Please feel free to email if you have any questions. 

6th grade Writing: In writing, sixth graders will continue their That Was Awesome! narrative in which students will have to write a real narrative (a story based on their own personal experience). Write about that experience using specific and descriptive details. In addition, students will learn about salsa and rice cake words and spice up their word choice to hand in their final drafts on Thursday. Students will also continue to review common types of figurative language by completing IXL E.4 as well as IXL’s on parts of speech this week.