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Request from Mrs. Johnson our Art Teacher

September 25, 2018 by Kim Sorensen & Rebecca Farley



In the next few weeks in Art we will be working on recycled plastic sculptures to enter into the  Nevada Recycles Art Contest. We will be talking about the importance of reusing and recycling plastics and the effects of plastics on our environment. Then we will begin creating sculptures from used plastics that the students will bring in from home.

Please have your child bring in used, clean plastic items anytime from now until October 10th. Some great items are toiletry containers, food containers and wrappers, chip bags, old toys, utensils, cds and lids.

Also,for your child to be entered into the contest please fill out the sheet that was sent home ( I will enter it onto the contest website once their project is complete) or download and print and return to the school by 10/19.

Thank you for your help!


Mrs. Johnson