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Reading News from Mrs. Rowlett

September 9, 2019 by Shannon Garcia

Last week in reading we…
  • continued to work on beginning of the year assessments
  • reviewed open and closed syllables.  (open syllables end in a vowel, and have a long vowel sound  ex. hi, she, my, pu.  A closed syllable has 1 vowel, followed by 1 or more more consonants and the vowel is short ex. com, cat, pet, dish).
  • introduced word work to our daily 5 choices and continued to build stamina in read to self, read to someone and work on writing.
This week we will…
  • review the vowel consonant e syllable type ex. ate, lake.
  • learn how to make nouns plural by adding es, s, ies.
  • begin listen to reading as a daily 5 choice.
We will begin reading groups this week. You second grader will come home with a guided reading book at some point this week. Since we are just starting out we will not be meeting with each group each day.  If your child brings a book home please read that as part of the 20 minutes of nightly reading. If not then they may read any book. Remember to sign the reading log. 
Have a great week!!