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October 28-31

October 27, 2019 by Amy O'Flaherty

We will have a Halloween party on Thursday, October 31st. If possible, students should bring in a pumpkin to paint and/or decorate. The link below will take you to the signup to send in a treat to enjoy that afternoon. Thanks so much for everything you all do!

Middle school and high school student councils are sponsoring a costume contest on Thursday. There will be one winner from each class, K-12, and 3 grand champions—prizes awarded!

We will have Reading Buddies with our 3rd grade friends this week! Mrs. Renfroe has planned a fun Halloween craft for the kids to work together on. The students LOVE this, and I am enjoying watching them work with the younger students and be role models for them.

This week in class:

7th Grade ELA: We will finish The Girl Who Drank the Moon and students will continue to answer text based questions using the READ strategy. We will read nonfiction text and use Habits of Discussion in Flocabulary (Week in Rap). Finally, students will begin a big writing assignment–argumentative essays! They will use the writing process and 6 traits to produce quality, coherent, well-supported writing. This week we will do several mini lessons on the different parts of an argumentative essay

8th Grade ELA–This week we will study parts of the Victorian Age as preparation for our next class novel, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This short novel (novella) is set in and was written during the Victorian Era. Its archaic language is something we will take our time on in the beginning so students become comfortable with the format. Before starting to read, students will create a class slideshow that depicts various aspects of the Victorian Era (clothing, manners, customs, entertainment, etc.). This will help give students a nice visual while reading the novella. Students will also begin a major writing assignment. They will write argumentatively–choosing a topic they feel strongly about, devloping a thesis, 2 strong claims, a counterclaim, and a rebuttal.

Projects–Continue study of ecosystems and how abiotic and biotic factors work together. I will introduce new vocabulary this week, and plan to quiz them on the terms on November 7th. This date may fluctuate, but it will not be sooner. I will keep everyone posted.

Homework: 20 minutes of reading/fill out logs–studying vocabulary terms for science counts, but students must still do the 2-4 sentence summary. They can use it as a chance to reflect on how they are doing: which words they know vs which they need to work harder on.