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October 21-24

October 20, 2019 by Amy O'Flaherty

Picture retakes are tomorrow, October 21st at the school! If your child missed pictures or want them retaken, this is your chance.

I am so sorry I didn’t post last week! My post was saved in drafts and never published. If you ever have any questions, please email me–I do mean to have a current blog up every week!

Thank you so those who donated gift cards or cash to our 7th grade Future Fest contribution—a gift card tree! We have an AWESOME item that will be part of the auction that evening.

We will be reading buddies with Mrs. Renfroe’s class for the year. Our kiddos were partnered up on Wednesday, and we will meet every other Wednesday to read, do fun activities, and just enjoy being with some of our younger kiddos! This is going to be to much fun!

This week in class:

7th Grade Reading/Writing–Students will continue reading The Girl Who Drank The Moon. They will use the READ strategy to write detailed, in depth responses to their reading. This is also part of their writing block. I am seeing such wonderful improvement in how they think about their reading! We will also read information texts through current events, and use CAFE strategies to make predictions, summarize text, and make connections.

8th Grade Reading/Writing–Students will finish their final project on Lord of the Flies this week. Their independent writing on this is coming along, and I will conference with each student as they prepare to mount it on their project. We will also read about current events and use Habits of Discussion to think critically and intelligently about the world’s happenings.

Projects–We will finish our study of photosynthesis and cellular respiration this week, and move into ecosystems on Wednesday. Students will have a vocabulary quiz on Tuesday of this week, along with an essay question to answer. I will prepare them on Monday, and I’m confident they will all do well. They have learned so much and are doing great!

Homework: 20 minutes of reading/reading logs checked on Monday. Students may use their 20 minutes to study science vocabulary, but need to remember to summarize their studying (what are they confident in, which terms need more time, etc.).