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November 4th-7th, 2019

November 3, 2019 by Nicole Hyde

Reminders and Announcements: 

  • Thank you to everyone who attended and/or donated to the Future Fest. It was a success and our students will benefit greatly thanks to your generosity! 
  • LITERACY STRATEGY OF THE WEEK! Listening comprehension is an important part of literacy. You can help your child boost listening comprehension easily at home by listening to audio books! There are a wealth of audio book sources including the popular app Audible, books read aloud on YouTube, or even our own public library has many books on CD. You can also help your child build listening comprehension by listening to a podcast. There are so many podcasts on various topics that are family and kid friendly. Listen to a podcast together and discuss the topics mentioned. Make this a fun family activity!

5th grade Reading: Our reading focus will be informational text. Students will be learning about the main idea, supporting details, summarizing nonfiction text, as well as identifying and comparing text structures. 

5th grade Writing: 5th grade authors will work on writing summaries and clear and concise responses to prompts about informational text using the A.C.E.S. format. Students will learn how to embed relevant text evidence to support their written responses to reading. IXL’s: F.1, F.2, F.3, F.4, F.5, CC.1, CC.3, S.3 

5th grade Projects: We continue with our space systems unit. This week students will review rotation versus revolution, the amount of time they take, and what they cause. Also, students will discover and write about stars’ apparent brightness and explain the movement, direction, and measurement of shadows throughout the day.  

6th grade Reading: Students will continue to read The Maze Runner by James Dashner. We will finish the book this week and begin planning for the final which is a formal written response.  

6th grade Writing: Sixth graders will be reviewing using the A.C.E.S. plan to write a formal response to literature using relevant text evidence from our novel.