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November 4-7, 2019

November 3, 2019 by Amy O'Flaherty

I hope everyone had a fabulous, safe Halloween! I sure had a great time at school on Thursday with the kids–what great costumes, and pumpkin decorating was a blast!

The book fair is at school this week! We will be going as a class to look at books and make wish lists. I love the book fair and hope all the students have a chance to get some books that they love reading!

This week in class:

7th Grade Reading–Students will begin working on a final project for our class novel, The Girl Who Drank the Moon. They will build 3D structures that represent a scene in the novel, and write explanations on all story elements. Students will focus on using the READ strategy (Restate and answer questions, use evidence, analyze the evidence, draw conclusions) as they write their analyses of each element of the book.

7th Grade Writing–This week we will begin writing argumentative essays. Students will have a solid thesis, points to address, and a counterclaim and turnback by the end of the week.

8th Grade Reading–We will start reading The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde this week. Our focus in this novella is duality, and students will annotate as they read in order to keep track of examples. This is a tough novella to read, as the language is archaic, but it’s a fabulous story and I’m looking forward to sharing it with them!

8th Grade Writing–Argumentative essays–students will choose a topic, develop a thesis, and have 2 points and a counterclaim by the end of the week. We will work on citing sources using MLA.

Homework: 7th and 8th both have 20 minutes of reading. Studying vocabulary for science counts, but students must write a summary of how their studying is going (what are they struggling with, which terms are easy for them, what methods are they using to study, etc. Anything works for the summary).