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Mrs. Rosario’s Update 8/19/20

August 19, 2019 by Jill Rosario

We had a great first day back! See below for important information..Please make sure ALL back to school night paperwork (located in your student’s binder) is returned as soon as possible. Thank you!

8th Projects: Bring things this Thursday to look at under the microscope. Thin items like onion skin, leaves, etc. work well to see the cells.

8th Math: We’ll begin Topic 1 tomorrow. This week’s HW will be 1-1 Tues.; 1-2 Wed.; and 1-3 Thurs. The Additional Practices are the HW. The Practice and Problem Solving assignments are completed in class.

7th Math: We’ll begin Chapter 1 tomorrow. There will be HW on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. See your student’s binder for each assignment. They will write the HW assignment down each day before they leave class.