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Mrs. Rosario’s Info 9/5/19

September 5, 2019 by Jill Rosario

Greetings Bighorns!  See below for important information…

*Please remember to check your student’s grades on Infinite Campus regularly.  Regular checking minimizes grade surprises!  🙂

*This coming Wednesday, September 11, is Red, White, and Blue dress-up day in remembrance of 9/11.  See the school email that was sent out for details.

7th Math:  We’ll finish chapter 2 this week and test early in the following week.

HW:  Monday – 2.4; Tuesday – 2.5; Wednesday – none; Thursday – Students should complete all their classwork on this review day during class, but if they don’t, they may have some to complete as HW.


8th Algebra I:  Topic 1 TEST is this Thursday, Sept. 12th; Monday we will finish all assingments from 1-5/1-7; Tuesday we will work a Topic 1 Review and start the practice test; Wednesday students will complete at least the odds on the practice test

HW: Monday: complete anything from 1-5/1-7 if not completed in class; Tuesday: practice test problems; Wednesday: practice test problems; Thursday: Topic 1 Test…no HW


8th Projects Vocab quiz and Final Cell Test is Monday!  Tuesday we will begin a project on six main body systems.  

Happy Fall everyone!