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Mrs. Rosario’s Info 9/19/19

September 19, 2019 by Jill Rosario

**7th and 8th Grade Picture Day…this coming Monday, Sept. 23  I sent picture packets home with 8th graders on Wednesday.

*8th Grade – Your student came home tonight with their Smarter Balanced testing results from the spring.  Great job everyone!

7th Math: We finished chapter 2 today and we’re moving on!  We will do chapters 3 and 4 as one unit.  We begin chapter 3 on Monday.

Homework:  3.1 Monday, 3.2 Tuesday, 3.3 Wednesday, No HW Thursday 

8th Math:  We are making our way through Topic 2 studying linear equations.  We covered slope intercept and point slope form this week.  Next week we’ll learn standard form and parallel/perpendicular lines.

Homework:  Paper practice Monday, Paper practice Tuesday, 2-3 Additional Practice Wednesday, 2-4 Additional Practice Thursday

8th Projects:  Students will be creating their full-size body systems poster this coming week.  Then groups will create a presentation of their poster.  Posters and presentations are due Wednesday, October 2.  Our final body systems test and vocab quiz will be Thursday, October 3.