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Mrs. Rosario’s Info. 10/4/19

October 4, 2019 by Jill Rosario

Greeting Bighorns! See below for class information…

7th Math: We’re wrapping up chapters 3 and 4 this week. We’ll be factoring algebraic expression for a few days, then reviewing and working a practice test. The test will be the following week.

Homework: Monday – Wednesday students will have a paper practice to finish if they did not finish it during class time. Thursday’s HW will be three problems on the practice test.

8th Math: We’re starting solving systems of linear equations this week. It’s Topic 4 in the online book. The final assessment of this chapter will be a project. The students affectionately call it “The Car Project”. More details will follow on that!

Homework: Monday – finish paper practice; Tuesday 4-1 Additional Practice; Wednesday – finish paper practice; Thursday 4-2 Additional Practice

8th Projects: Most students presented their full-sized body system poster yesterday. You will be able to view them when you come for conferences on October 18th!

Monday is our body systems vocabulary quiz and FINAL TEST. Students had a study guide all week that tells them what they need to know for the final test. Everyone had it in their backpack when they left Thursday!