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Mrs. Rosario’s Info 10/21/19

October 21, 2019 by Jill Rosario

Greetings Bighorns! Thank you to all of you that came to conferences last Friday or scheduled one on a different day! It was so nice to visit with you about your student! See below for important information…

*Students Councils will be holding a class Halloween Costume Contest on our dress-up day, Oct. 31st. Each class will vote for the best costume. Every winner gets a prize and there are grand prizes for best elementary, middle school, and high school costumes!

7th Math: We are working through chapter 5 on solving linear equations. Tonight’s HW is to finish #1-5 on the paper practice if they didn’t finish it in class today.

Homework: M- finish #1-5 paper practice; T- paper practice; W – paper practice; Th – 5.2 book assignment

8th Math: We will wrap up Topic 4 on Systems of Linear Equations with a FINAL QUIZ this Thursday, Oct. 24. The students will begin the Car Project also this Thursday. The project will be their test grade for Topic 4. Right now, I’m looking at the projects being due Thursday, Oct. 31 with presentations to parents on Monday, Nov. 4. I’ll let you know a firm date as it gets closer.

Homework: M 4-3 Additional Practice; Tues. 4-4 Additional Practice; Wednesday paper practice and prep for quiz; Thursday No assigned HW

8th Projects: We rolled our unit on photosynthesis and cellular respiration into a larger project unit on ecosystems today. We will be studying the cycle of energy and matter in ecosystems for serveral weeks. The unit will culminate with a project centered around an endangered species. There are no quizzes or tests in projects this week.