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Mrs. Rosario’s Info 1/30/20

January 30, 2020 by Jill Rosario

Greeting Bighorns!

Middle School student council will be selling candygrams this coming week at lunch.

Middle School Valentine’s Dance is Thursday, Feb. 13th 7-10pm

Sign-up in the office to participate in the K-8 STEM FAIR in April.

Make sure your student is checking their IC at least once a week. Students need to get into this habit before high school!

7th Math: Our unit on plane figures is finished. Test grades were entered this evening so check your IC! This week we will begin our unit on volume and surface area. This unit corresponds with Chapter 13 in the math book.

HW: Mon- prism practice; Tue – pyramid practice; Wed. – cones, cylinders, and sphere practice; Thurs. – volume review practice *If a student finishes in the class time, they may not have homework.

8th Math: We started Topic 7 today on polynomials. This chapter is long and will take us a few weeks.

HW: this weekend 7-1A.P.; Mon. 7-2 A.P.; Tues. 7-3 A.P.; Wed. 7-4 A.P.; Thurs. Any classwork from the week that wasn’t finished in class will be homework. (It should be finished in class on Thursday if time is used well.)

8th Projects: This coming week we will complete our Civil War projects! Projects are DUE THURSDAY, FEB. 6 at 3pm.