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Mrs. Rosario’s End of The Week Info 8/29/19

August 29, 2019 by Jill Rosario

7th Math:  No Homework!!  Enjoy your long weekend with family and friends!

8th Math:  Most have no homework!  A few need to finish the assignments for 1-1/1-4.  They DO NOT need to do more than 5 problems total.  (Of the students that aren’t done, most have less than 5 total problems left.)

8th Projects:  Some students may have supplies that they need to bring with them on Tuesday.  Please ask your student if they need to bring anything for their project to school on Tuesday.  We are making a 3D model correlating a plant or animal cell to a real-world environment.  The projects are looking great!

Thursday, Sept. 5 – Cell 3D model DUE DATE.  Monday, Sept. 9 – Cell Final Test and Vocabulary Quiz