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Mrs. Renfroe Schedule & Information for March 25th through April 9th

March 24, 2020 by Janet Renfroe

I will be going live at 9:00 a.m for 3rd ELA, 10:00 a.m for 4th Reading and 2:00 p.m for 3rd Writing and Projects.

Dear Families,

Well, here we are dealing with a very unusual situation! I hope you’re all doing GREAT and enjoying more time with your family. I miss you though and wish we could be together laughing and having fun discussions. The next few weeks will be different, but we will get through it all together, and I hope we get to laugh and have some fun while experiencing this distance learning thing. 

In light of all this, I also want you to know that I intend to make this as stress free as possible for everyone! Remember that at home learning does not typically follow our usual school schedule, so students will not be expected to do 8 hours of learning each day. Basically, I sent home work that I think you can use to review over the next couple of weeks. Students will notice that I kept it very similar to their normal weekly Must Do packet. 

It’s important that I maintain consistent contact with students through at least one of my live sessions each week. The links for each live session will be found in our Google classroom (example: Mrs. Renfroe 3rd Grade Classroom or Mrs. Renfroe 4th Grade Reading Classroom). Students can also find the links on their Google Calendar. Times for each live session can be found in the posted schedule in Google Classroom (also sent via Infinite Campus email). These live sessions are meant to help answer any questions about the work that was sent home, and to touch base about any issues or concerns.

We are required to give an exit ticket question during the live sessions that students will need to answer in google classroom to count as part of their attendance. If students are unable to attend the live session(s), I will be uploading the recorded sessions to Google Classroom every day. These recordings will be organized by date and time. They will still need to complete the exit ticket.

If students do not attend any of my live sessions (3rd Homeroom and 4th Reading), I am required to call them to check in.  I will use the contact information in Infinite Campus. My calls will be coming from Google voice so they may show up as random numbers from various cities.  Calls have to be made between 9am and 3pm Monday through Thursday.  

Going forward, we have been asked to communicate through Google Classroom for both students and parents so that parents are able to familiarize themselves with this tool and stay updated on their student’s work progress.  You can also reach out through email if you have further questions. Please contact Mrs. Sorensen if you have any math-related questions.

Please reach out to me with questions or concerns. Please relax, get some exercise, play with your siblings, be kind and patient, and remember that Mrs. Renfroe is with you all the way! WE’VE GOT THIS!!

Love you all,
Mrs. Renfroe

PS.  Please keep in mind that I also have young children learning from home with me so please excuse any laughing, screaming, crying, or random noises in the background during our video chats and phone calls.