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Mrs. Renfroe 9/3/19

September 4, 2019 by Janet Renfroe

I hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day weekend! We will continue to reinforce expectations and procedures that we covered the first two weeks and go more in depth with our subject matter.  Now that we’re into the full swing of school, high expectations will be set and reinforced.  

Students took home their “graded” papers from last week. Please note that the grades listed on each paper from last week do not count. These were practice activities to get students familiar with the grading system, turn in system and the redo process for assignments. These grades will not be counted and students will not need to go to study hall for them. 

I am continuing to pull students for John’s testing, spelling assessments, etc. this week. Student’s received their Must Do/May Do activity sheets yesterday that will be used during our ELA block. Again, this is a practice week and any of the assignments they turn in will not be counted against them grade wise. Students were given the list of assignments they must complete by the end of the week before they can begin the “May Do” items. Students are allowed to work at their own pace and are allowed to choose the order they would like to go in. We had a detailed discussion on the assignment process, time management and being responsible with our choices. Once students fully grasp this process they know that they will be sent to study hall if they do not use their time wisely and do not complete their assigned list of activities each week. I will be meeting with each student/group daily to check progress. Students will be given the opportunity to redo any assignment they score less than a 3 on. The Must Do/May Do will be part of our Daily 5. 

Scholastic book orders also went home yesterday. If you would like to place an order you may do so with the form or online. Please use our class code V8KG9. Our classroom earns points and we are able to order more books for the class library. Each student will get to add a book to the “wish list”. As we earn points I will pull a wish list book from the jar to order. All book orders are due by 9/26/19. 

Projects: We will discuss why animals tend to live in groups and conduct research about specific animal groups. We will then use our research to create a poster. 

Writing:We will brainstorm Big Moment ideas for our personal narratives and practice adding details.

3rd Grade ELA: We will review verbs and nouns and practice summarizing texts using Somebody Wanted But So Then.  Our focus text this week is Picture Day Perfection.  We will also begin our Must Dos/May Dos for Daily 5.

4th Grade ELA: We will review parts of speech focusing on nouns and verbs specifically and practice summarizing texts using Somebody Wanted But So Then.  Focus text this week is Picture Day Perfection.  We will also begin our Must Dos/May Dos for Daily 5.


  • I will continue to pull students for their John’s Reading Assessments this week to determine our beginning of the year reading levels. 
  • Reading homework log needs to be signed every night and homework folders brought back to class everyday.
  • Please include napkins, forks, spoons, etc. in your kiddo’s lunch as these items are not provided in the lunchroom.
  • Scholastic book orders are due by 9/26/19. Class code is V8KG9.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions, comments, concerns! Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Renfroe