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Math Update Week 5

October 7, 2018 by Kim Sorensen & Rebecca Farley

Both 3rd and 4th are doing fabulous in math!  We are cruising through our lessons and I feel that the students are working hard to understand and learn new concepts.

In 4th grade:

This past week we started our rounding unit.  I am so proud of how hard they are working and how well they are doing.  This is a tough concept and they are rockin’ it!  This week we will continue to round without number lines.  For those students who find using a number line is more helpful, they are available for them to use.  On Monday we will talk about midpoints of the different places and we will think of numbers that can round to a given number.  On Tuesday and Wednesday we will review and then take our assessment on Thursday.

Questions to ask your child this week:

  • What are the steps you follow to round a number?
  • What are two numbers you can think of that would round to 200 when rounding to the nearest hundred?  What is the biggest number?  What is the smallest?
  • What are all the numbers you can round to 40 if rounding to the nearest ten?
  • What is the midpoint between 70,000 and 80,000?

IXLs that work with rounding: 4th grade A.16 – Rounding.  The following assignments are found in the 3rd grade tab, but are great for rounding: P.1 – Rounding and P.4 – Rounding Puzzles (this one is kind of awesome)

IXLs that are great for review: 4th grade: A.2 – Standard and Expanded Form, A.3 Place Value Names, A.10 Word Form, A.20 Compare Numbers

In 3rd grade:

This week we finished up our rounding unit with our assessment on Thursday.  The students did so well, I am so proud of them!!!  This week we will roll right into our addition and subtraction unit with partial sums.  I know already from what I have seen that they are very well prepared from 2nd grade to be very successful with adding larger numbers together using partial sums.  I will have a video on my website this week that walks through the process of using partial sums.  We will also work on our combos to 10 and working with negative numbers.

Questions to ask your 3rd grader this week:

  • What are the steps when using the partial sum strategy to solve an addition problem?
  • 4 + what = 10?, 70 and what make 100? (continue on with all the combos of 10)
  • What is 3 – 8?,  What is 1 – 6?, etc. ( This just gives them practice with thinking of going into negative numbers as we prepare to work with partial differences.)

IXLs that help review Partial Sums and Partial Differences: 3rd Grade C.1, C.2, C.3

IXLs that are great for review: 3rd Grade; P.1 and P.4 – Rounding; A.7, A.9, A.11, B.2, B.4, B.8 – Place Value