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Math Update: Nov. 13-17

November 12, 2018 by Kim Sorensen & Rebecca Farley

4th Grade:

Time continues to fly by and our 4th graders are working so hard!  We finished up our multiples and factors unit and tested on Wednesday.  We are now working on multi-digit multiplication using an area model to help organize our partial products.  If you aren’t sure how this works, make sure to watch the 4th grade multiplication video to help you keep up with your kiddo!  We will be working with problems with 3 or 4 digit multiplied by 1 digit or 2 digit numbers multiplied by 2 digit numbers.

We are starting to fly through our math fact testing!  We have entered into a friendly competition with Mrs. Antoniono’s class and right now they are about 30 tests passed ahead of us.  But we are working hard to catch up!  With focused, consistent work on specific math facts, we should be able to make up the difference!  It has been fun to see the excitement in class with math facts.

The end of our trimester is the Thursday after Thanksgiving.  We will be doing end of trimester assessments that week that cover all of the concepts we have learned so far.  We will be having parent teacher conferences on Dec. 7 so watch for a sign-up genius in your email coming soon.

Questions to ask this week:

  • Give them a problem such as 232 x 6 or (if after Wednesday 34 x 27).  Ask them to explain the steps as they go!

IXLs that match this weeks instruction:  D.6, D.7, D.16, D.19, D.20

3rd Grade:

We are in the middle of our division standard this week and we are looking to test on it this Thursday.  My favorite thing I heard this week was after we had talked about division one student piped up with excitement, “Oh! So that is how it works!” That just makes my heart smile.  I love seeing the light in their eyes when something makes sense.  I have put a video on my website under 3rd grade Division to show the 2 different strategies, chunking and dealing, that we are using to help us solve division problems.

Questions to ask this week:

  • What are we doing to a number when we say that we are dividing it?
  • Find everyday stories to ask your child.  Have them draw a picture to show how they figure it out!
    • If we have 10 chicken nuggets and we want 5 in each bag, how many bags will we need? (This would be chunking)
    • If I have 5 friends and want to give then all equal stickers, how many will each get if I have 20 stickers? (Dealing)

IXLs that match this weeks instruction: I.1, I.2, I.3, I.4, I.5, The best – L.5