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Math Update: Mar. 4-7

March 3, 2019 by Kim Sorensen & Rebecca Farley

This is our last week in this trimester, which means final assessments for 3rd and 4th graders. We will review on Monday and part of Tuesday all standards that we have learned during the second trimester. On Tuesday they will take assessments to show us that they still know all that we taught them! As parents, please encourage your child to give their best on these assessments so we can get an accurate measure of their learning.

4th Graders: This trimester we have studied division, symmetry, multiplicative comparison, lines and angles and fractions. On my video website, I have a list of quizlets that will help students review the content.

We just finished up comparing fractions and finding equivalent fractions. Take some time to ask your students how we compare fractions! 1) use benchmark fractions, how does the fraction compare to 1/2? To one whole? 2) Are the numerators the same? The Denominators? What does that tell us? 3) Find a common denominator.

3rd Graders: This trimester we studied multiplication and division, properties of multiplication, patterns on a multiplication chart and finding patterns with in and out boxes, bar and pictographs, and area.

This past week we had a quick introduction to fractions. The third graders struggled with this, so we will be hitting fractions again at the end of this week and next. Take time to ask your 3rd grader about what a numerator (the parts of the fraction we are talking about) and a denominator (the total number of equal parts of a whole or pieces in a set) are. They have really struggled with expressing this in their own words.