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Math Update: Jan. 14-17

January 13, 2019 by Kim Sorensen & Rebecca Farley

4th Grade Math: The 4th graders worked so hard this week! We had planned to continue multiplicative comparisons this week, but everyone was so solid last week we went ahead and tested on Thursday and our class rocked the test! This week we are looking forward to working with lines and angles.

IXLs that work with this week’s lessons: W.4, W.5, Z.1, Z.2, Z.5

3rd Grade Math:  This past week the 3rd graders have worked hard at exploring the properties of multiplication. They did well at practicing the distributive property, which is when you take an equation like 5 x 14 and make it more friendly by distributing the 14 into 10 + 4 and multiplying both of those numbers by 5, then adding the products together.

5 x 14 = 5 x 10 + 5 x 4

This week we will review the properties of multiplication, identity, zero, commutative, associative, and distributive and test on Wednesday.

  • Questions to ask your 3rd grader this week:
  • Ask them to define the identity, zero, commutative, associative properties of multiplication. There is a page on the test where they will write out the definitions in their own words and the more chance they have to explain it, the more successful they will be!
  • Ask them how to solve, 3 x 14 or 9 x 7 using the distributive property.

IXLs that match this week’s instruction: N.5