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Math Update for Nov. 5 – 8

November 4, 2018 by Kim Sorensen & Rebecca Farley

4th Grade:

This week we will finish up multiples, factors, prime and composite numbers.  On Monday we will create factor posters, review Tuesday, and test on Wednesday.  On Thursday we will start multi-digit multiplication.

We have 4 weeks left of this trimester.  We will be working hard to pass math facts assessments and reviewing our concepts that we have learned so far this year.  I am proud of how hard our 4th graders have been working this year in math.

Questions to ask your 4th grader this week:

  • 36 is the 9th multiple of what number?
  • Is 3,456 prime or composite? Why?
  • What are the factors of the number 50?

IXLs that match this week’s instruction:  IXL D.4, D.5, A.14, A.15

3rd Grade:

On Tuesday we will test on multiplication.  Students need to be able to show multiplication with arrays, pictures and repeated addition.  On Wednesday we will move on to division.  As we work with multiplication and division we are always using story problems that they need to make sense of.  3rd graders have been working so hard!  I look forward to everyone doing well on our assessment.

  • If I have 5 bags with 6 coins in each bag, how many coins do I have?
    • How many items in each group?
    • What are the groups? (bags)
    • What are the items? (coins)
  • If I have 3 pencils for each of my 6 students, how many pencils do I have?
    • How many groups? (6) What are they? (students)
    • How many items? (3) What are they? (pencils)
  • Look for ways you use this everyday!  Point it out to them.

IXLs that match this week’s instruction: E.1-E.7