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Math Update: December 10-13

December 9, 2018 by Kim Sorensen & Rebecca Farley

2 more weeks until Christmas break!  Time continues to fly and our math students continue to work hard and learn new things!  Keep up the hard work with practicing math facts.  We have entered into another competition with Mrs. Antoniono’s class this trimester.  We are trying to pass more math fact tests than they do.  It only counts if they pass the test at school, I had some questions about whether or not it counts if they pass at home.  Mrs. Antoniono’s class won for 4th grade, and our class won for 3rd grade for trimester 1.  We are hoping to be the winner for both grades this time!  So please remember to study only the fact you are trying to pass.  Every once in awhile throw in a review of the ones your child knows to make sure they are remembering them.

4th Grade Math:

This week we will finish up division using an area model to find partial quotients.  I am so proud of these kids.  They are enjoying the process of dividing multi-digit numbers!  It is fun to watch them work and think so hard.  We will review on Monday and take our assessment on Tuesday.  Wednesday we will start our symmetry unit.  This will be a fun way to end 2018 as we use Christmas trees and snowflakes to discover lines of symmetry.

Questions to ask your 4th grader this week:

  • Have them talk you through a division problem!  It is pretty impressive how they do this.  (6,336 divided by 6)
  • What is symmetry?
  • What clothes do you wear that have lines of symmetry?
  • Where else can you find symmetry around you?

IXLs that match:  Y.1-Y.4

3rd Grade Math:

This week we will finish solving word problems using multiplication or division.  They have done so well with this and expect everyone to be very successful on the assessment this Tuesday.  On Wednesday we will begin multiplying multiples of ten by a single digit.  For example, 30 x 5 is the same thing as 3 x 10 x 5.

Questions to ask your 3rd grader this week:

  • Give them everyday multiplication and division problems and have them figure out whether you need to multiply or divide.
  • Keep quizzing them on their facts!!!

IXLs that match this week’s instruction: H.6 and L.5   On Wednesday and Thursday, H.1