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Math Update: Dec. 3 – Dec. 6

December 2, 2018 by Kim Sorensen & Rebecca Farley

We made it through our first trimester and I am so proud of all my students for their hard work and dedication to finish out the trimester successfully.  I can’t wait to see how our kiddos do this next trimester.

4th Grade Math:

Last week we finished up multiplying multi-digit numbers and everyone did so well.  We took our final assessments for Trimester 1 on Thursday.  This week we roll out dividing up to 4 digit numbers.  This is for sure a tricky one, but I have no doubt that the 4th graders will work hard to master this concept.  We will be using area models and partial quotient division.  Watch for a video this week on my video website to see how this works.

As far as math facts go, we had a competition with Mrs. Antoniono’s class to see who could pass the most math fact tests this trimester.  Mrs. Antoniono’s class blew us out of the water with 274 tests passed with us passing 204.  I am proud of how hard our class worked, and we will start a new competition this trimester.  Hopefully we can make it up this trimester and get a win.  Our goal is to have at least 8 math facts passed each trimester per student.  If your child is struggling with this, please reach out to me and we can find a way to help them be more successful.  Remember to work consistently on the specific fact that they want to pass using strategies we have talked about and encouraged.  We will have opportunities to pass 2 in one day if time permits.  Also, don’t forget to throw review days in every once in awhile for them to stay up on those that they have passed.

Questions to ask this week:

  • Have them talk you through a division problem using an area model and partial quotients!
  • Do they know what the quotient is?  The dividend? The divisor?

IXLs that match this week’s instruction: E.4-E.9

3rd Grade Math:

Last week we took our final assessments for Trimester 1 and then moved onto looking at how multiplication and division work together.  We started posters for our fact families that will be posted in the hall this week.  We will looking for unknown factors and using division to help us find those unknown factors on our test we will have on Wednesday.  On Thursday we will be looking at story problems and whether or not we need to use multiplication or division to solve them.

We continue to stress the need to learn our math facts.  As we move forward in math the students will find more success if they can have a solid foundation with their math facts.  Please continue to monitor their math fact practice at home to ensure success at school.  Remember to focus on one fact at a time until they pass them.  Every  once in awhile throw in a review day to keep the ones they have passed fresh in their minds.

Questions to ask this week:

  • What are the 3 ways you can find the unknown factor in the problem 3 x ____ = 12? (1-start counting by the factor you know, 3,6,9,12 – how many multiples did it take to get there? 4!, 2-Know your math facts.  3 – start dealing or chunking with the factor you know until you get to 12.)    Do this for several problems!
  • Do they know what the quotient is?  The dividend? The divisor?
  • What are the 4 fact family equations for 2, 6, and 12?  (There are 2 multiplication and 2 division)
  • Why do some fact families only have 2 equations? (If the factors are the same!  2 x 2 = 4, 4 ÷2 = 2   When you switch them around they are the same equations!)

IXLs that match this week’s instruction: E.3, E.5, E.6, I.2 – I.5