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Math at Home

March 22, 2020 by Anne Bloomfield

March 23, 2020

Dear Bighorn Parents,

Attached is a list of math that can be done at home to reinforce previously learned math skills. These are just ideas to sneak a little more math into your at home classroom.

Second Grade Math At Home

Counting and Numbers
Flip over 3 playing cards. Create the largest number you can. The person with the greatest number wins that round. Compare the numbers using >,< or =.
Practice skip counting by 5’s, 10’s or 100’s to 1,000!
Use cards or dice to create a 3 digit number. Try to add or subtract 1, 10, or 100 using mental math.

Use/make flashcards to practice addition & subtraction facts
Write word problems for family members to solve using addition or subtraction within 100. Then check their work. Example: Jackson has 45 fries. He eats 26 of them. How many fries does he have left?
Flip over 3 playing cards. Add the three digits together to find the sum.
Domino addition & subtraction
High number activities to 20 with playing cards OR dice.

Measurement and Data
Count amounts of coins and small bills.
Tell the values of each kind of coins.
Use rulers, yard sticks and measuring tapes to measure things inside and outside of your home. Estimate first. How close was your estimate?
Use chalk to measure and/or make lines
Practice telling time to 5 minute increments
Call family members or friends and survey them (favorite color, favorite animal/pet) Then create a bar graph, tally chart or picture graph to show your results.

Go on a shape hunt inside OR outside.
Find shapes of objects around your house. Sort them into squares, circles, cylinders etc.
Draw shapes
Build shapes out of toothpicks, playdough or tape and flexible straws.
Bake something with a parent and cut it into halves, or fourths/quarters.
Cut paper circles, triangles, rectangles and squares into halves, thirds or fourths/quarters.
Use paper to create some 3 – dimensional shapes.

Looking forward to connecting with you this week!


Anne Bloomfield