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March 9-12

March 8, 2020 by Amy O'Flaherty

This week in class:

I am planning to take the kids to the park on Thursday afternoon from 2:45-3:30 (ish).

7th Grade ELA–We will finish our class novel, The Outsiders, and on Thursday we will watch the movie version. This is a great way to compare/contrast text to the same story in another format. In writing, students will complete the rough drafts of their Day in the Life narratives.

8th Grade ELA–Students will continue reading To Kill a Mockingbird. This week we will hear the trial of Tom Robinson, which is an integral part of the book, and always elicits heavy conversation. I can’t wait! Students will also annotate poetry, research current events to discuss, and read to self. In writing, students will finish their short point of view narratives and work on No Red Ink. We will complete the week with some informative writing that ties into their social studies unit on World War I.

Projects–This is the last week of learning WWI content. When we return from spring break, students will work on a small final project related to WWI.

Homework: Read for 20 minutes and complete reading logs (2-4 sentences summaries for each night). Students may also use their 20 minutes of reading for social studies or We the People.