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January 6th-9th, 2020

January 5, 2020 by Nicole Hyde

Happy New Year!!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  Enjoying family, friends and reflecting is one of my favorite things to do, although I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things in the classroom. Thank you so much for all the wonderful cards and gifts. I felt so loved, appreciated and encouraged. I am truly grateful for all of these kids. I cannot believe half the school year is over.  This week marks the end of the first semester. 

Reminders and Announcements: 

  • We will be taking the MAPS tests in Reading and Language for both 5th and 6th grade on Tuesday and Wednesday and 5th Science on Thursday.  Please remind kids to get a good night’s sleep and work hard! 🙂 
  • End of the semester is on Thursday, January 9th.  Look for report cards next Thursday the 16th. 
  •  LITERACY STRATEGY OF THE WEEK!  Vocabulary-Building Strategies: When readers come across a word that they can decode but do not understand, they typically use a strategy to determine the meaning. They may infer the meaning from context, analyze the parts of the word, or look it up in a dictionary.  This helps comprehension and builds vocabulary at the same time. 

5th grade Reading/Writing: Students will be learning about different types of text structure.  They will take notes and then focus on the structure of question and answer this week.  MAPS testing will be on Tuesday and Wednesday.  

5th grade Projects: Students will finish up any IXLś this week and continue to review on IXL and Study Island in preparation for their MAPS test on Thursday.  Next week we will begin our new unite on Geography and the 50 states and capitals. 

6th grade Reading/ Writing: Students will be researching animal character traits, then choose an animal they would carve on a totem that relates to them and write an informational essay.  This will be an ongoing project for the next few weeks. MAPS testing will be on Tuesday and Wednesday.