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January 27th-30th, 2020

January 26, 2020 by Nicole Hyde

Hello Bighorns! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Here’s what’s happening in our classroom this week: 

Reminders and Announcements: 

  • Students who have not brought in their shoe boxes for their float, please make sure they have them ASAP so they can begin their state float.    
  •  LITERACY STRATEGY OF THE WEEK! Questioning during reading: Effective questioning should be practiced before, during, and after reading. When readers ask questions before they read a text, they are activating prior knowledge and making predictions. Both of these activities engage the child’s interest and increase the likelihood that they will connect with the text and comprehend it. Questioning during reading can take the form of self-questioning, questioning the text, or questioning the author. It creates a dialogue in the child’s mind as he reads. Asking questions after reading the text can stimulate critical analysis and further research on the topic.  Remind your child to question as he/she reads! 

5th grade Reading/Writing: On Monday, students will be working on reading, highlighting and annotating a brief fiction passage and answering comprehension questions. In addition, students will write a written response about the text using an A.C.E.S. plan to organize and elaborate on their ideas and evidence. They will use the A.C.E.S. plan to help them write their final draft response paragraph. Students will also begin word study during ELA block. As a class we will focus on a prefix, suffix, or Greek or Latin root for the week. Students will study their word list throughout the week and have a vocabulary quiz on those specific words on Thursday. Finally, students will work on drafting, editing, and revising their informative/explanatory essays for their state float project. 

5th grade Projects: We begin to wrap up our geography unit. This week, students will review the cultural, environmental, and political characteristics of a location. Students will finish learning about climate zone maps. Finally, students will create their state floats using their project research guide packet (this includes a specific description of the project as well as the project rubric) to help evaluate their progress. Floats will be due on Thursday. 

6th grade Reading/ Writing: Sixth graders continue to draft, edit, and revise their informative/explanatory essays about their animal totem. Students will have to explain what life lessons they can learn from their chosen animal based on facts they’ve learned from their research. Student essays must include an introductory paragraph, two body paragraphs (each describing one life lesson), and a concluding paragraph. I have shared a teacher sample essay to help guide students with their writing. In addition, we’ve taken notes on informative/explanatory writing such as the structure of an essay, how to write an introductory paragraph, transition words/phrases to help connect ideas within the essay, how to write a topic sentence, and how to write a concluding paragraph. Students will begin creating their totem this week during ELA class; however, creating a polished final draft of students’ essay is priority over the art project.