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HS English – Week 8

March 2, 2020 by Julie Stockard

This week brings all 9th and 10th grade students to the end of their projects. Ninth graders finished their college research papers and have presented their research to the class. They have reflected on their learning and have given and received feedback at several points along the way. We appreciate the parents and the board and staff members who came to listen to the oral presentations. Ninth graders have learned a lot about college options!

Tenth graders have finished reading Hamlet and are filming summary and theme analysis videos this week. They will take a test in class on Wednesday and share their video projects. They have been studying Shakespeare’s writing since January and all students have had the opportunity to learn more about this classic author, his style and some of the themes in his work.

All students have an in-class book report next week (March 10). Parents, please remind your student to read and complete their reading logs each night, as assigned and to finish their books before that date.