February 4th – 8th

February 4, 2019 by Shayna Byrd

Don’t forget –

Middle School Valentines Day dance is next Thursday, February 14th.

Candy Grams are currently up for sale.

Middle School Student Council is selling to grades 3-8 from February 4th – 13th. They are 50 cents apiece and will be delivered on February 14th.

7th Reading – We are cruising through The Blood River and the kids are digging it! I have loved the conversations they are having while reading together in teams and partnerships. They have also been doing very well with their daily questions, being sure to answer with format matters and using text evidence to support their ideas.

7th Writing – This week we are brainstorming ideas for our first narrative essay. Eventually they will each write about their favorite mistake that will take their readers through an event that has personally occured and have learned a lesson from. We are also diving into sentence diagramming. This class has a solid grasp of parts of speech, which has made our lesson fly by smoothly.

8th Reading – Three more chapters in To Kill a Mockingbird will be read this week. The discussion topics this book has brought to the front line have led to very complex and involved conversations. I love how well this group talks to each other while using habits of discussion and specific points in the novel to support their thoughts.

8th Writing – 8th grade is also working on narrative essays these first few weeks of the quarter. This week they are brainstorming and organizing ideas that they may be interested in writing about. While I am super excited to read their narratives, the class is a little nervous about finding the “right” thing to write about.

Projects – This week in projects we are moving north to the New England Colonies. One day will be dedicated to the main events that occured to the Plymouth Colony from their voyage on the Mayflower to analyzing early American constitutions. The class will even practice writing a constitution of their own. We will also learn about the Salem Witch Trials this week! The kids are pretty interested in this topic, and I am thrilled to listen to their discussions and understandings. Finally we will finish out the week with describing and evaluating events and recalling facts about the New England colonies in a jeopardy-style game.