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February 18-20

February 18, 2020 by Amy O'Flaherty

This week in class:

7th ELA: We will continue reading The Outsiders. Students will make predictions based on what we know about the characters. They will also identify themes and provide evidence to support their reasoning. In writing, students will finish their first narratives and begin working on some smaller pieces of writing that deal with our class novel.

8th ELA: While reading To Kill a Mockingbird, students will identify various themes and support them with evidence. They will also analyze the use of symbolism in the story and provide lists of symbols, along with explanation of the author’s use of them. In writing, students will work on identifying sentence components, as well as writing shorter responses to questions about our class novel.

Projects: We will continue looking at the Gilded Age and Progressive Era respectively. Students will understand each time period, and apply their knowledge of economics, politics, and social issues to explain the eras.

Homework: 7th and 8th read 20 minutes and fill out logs.