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February 10th-13th, 2020

February 9, 2020 by Nicole Hyde

Hello Bighorns!  Here’s what’s happening in our classroom this week: 

Reminders and Announcements: 

  • Reminder:  6th grade will be walking to Safeway and the park at 9:00 and return in time for recess.  5th grade will leave around 11:00 and return before lunch. Kids have been working hard and a little break is well deserved. 
  • Candy Gram sales will run through Wednesday, February 12th. Students in 3-12 can purchase. Students are selling in the cafeteria from 12:00-1:00. No sales in the office or classrooms. Cost is .50 apiece.  
  • Students can bring Valentines in to exchange in the class if they bring one for all the class.  
  •  LITERACY STRATEGY OF THE WEEK! Questioning during reading: Effective questioning should be practiced before, during, and after reading. When readers ask questions before they read a text, they are activating prior knowledge and making predictions. Both of these activities engage the child’s interest and increase the likelihood that they will connect with the text and comprehend it. Questioning during reading can take the form of self-questioning, questioning the text, or questioning the author. It creates a dialogue in the child’s mind as he reads. Asking questions after reading the text can stimulate critical analysis and further research on the topic.  Remind your child to question as he/she reads! 

5th grade Reading/Writing: Students will begin reading, highlighting, annotating and answering comprehension questions from Scholastic News- The Mystery of Roanoke.  This will give them an introduction to our new unit in Social Studies. Students will also work on the prefix of the week- post. They will also continue working on verbs this week in grammar and finish IXL LL.2  and LL.3. 

5th grade Projects: We will begin a new unit on colonization.  Students will begin learning about the 13 colonies with a dice simulation.  The concepts we will focus on are evaluating the relationship between humans and the environment in early American history and connecting how the physical geography,and natural resources affect exploration within the settlement of the people and the development of the culture in early U.S. history.  

6th grade Reading/ Writing: Students will work on the prefix of the week: poly, they will also continue to work on pronouns.  We will take notes on possessive, subjective and objective pronouns and work on IXL AA.1 and AA.4.  Students will also take notes on inference, and will begin making inferences to the song We Will Rock You, then write about what they can infer the song is really about.