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Feb. 18-21 with Mrs. Farley

February 16, 2019 by Kim Sorensen & Rebecca Farley

Thanks for everyone that helped our Valentine’s Party be a success! It was short and “sweet”, with a LOT of candy and goodies passed around. I think the kids had a fun time. They sure know how to make their teacher feel special too!

PROJECTS- We completed our waves unit last week with 2 assessments, and the kids did great! We assembled can telephones to experience sound wave and vibration transfer, which I think the kids really enjoyed. This week we will study the light transfer and how the eye transfers objects to the brain. We have some cool science experiments to see how refraction, diffusion, and reflection work. You child will come home with vocabulary words on Tuesday, but we will not test on them until NEXT Thursday. We have a short week this week due to President’s Day, as well as 2 guest speakers/presentations over the next two weeks. I wanted the kids to have adequate time to study their vocabulary words both in class and at home.

Writing- We are diligently working through the opinion writing process. Your child picked their own opinion topic and polished their introduction this past week. They began filling in their reason and example organizer, and are still revising and strengthening the body of their essays. As a class, we have read several mentor texts to help your child identify opinion techniques and use them in their own writing samples. We have and will continue to peer edit our opinion papers and share with them with the class. Your child will continue to edit their masterpiece (an ongoing assignment) as well as write an opinion paragraph on a random opinion prompt.

Thank you for all you do to encourage and support your child! Thank you for sharing them with me!


  • February 18– President’s Day, no school
  • February 28- Family Movie Night, featuring “The Incredibles 2”
  • March 7, 2nd Trimester ends
  • The swag to support Mrs. Antoniono has arrived. Asking for a $2 minimum donation if you would like to pick up a bracelet (adult and kid sizes) or add a GREAT pin to your backpack or jacket!!