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English Week 3

September 17, 2018 by Julie Stockard

We are in the third week of school and all classes are moving along in narrative writing tasks. Ninth graders are working on an Introduce Yourself narrative writing project. They are asking someone to write their biography for this project as well. Final drafts are due October 4, Covers will be made in class on Oct. 1, and biographies are due in class (hard copy) also on October 1. Both grades are creating organizers, looking at techniques to write stronger introductions, and learning how to reflect and find complex lessons in simple life experiences.  Tenth graders are writing about their favorite mistake, or a choice that helped them learn a lesson. They also analyzed mentor texts to find writing techniques they can try out as writers. Their final drafts are due on October 2, with rough drafts due on Sept. 25. Their organizers and annotations are due on Sept. 18. All students should have a book selected for their home reading. They shoudl read at home for 20 minutes and fill out a brief reading log. We will do in-class book reports on Oct. 22. Have a great week!