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December 17 — Week 15

December 18, 2018 by Jami Rowlett

Hello First Grade Families,

I cannot believe this is our last week of school before Winter break.  It is sure to be full of fun and laughter.

Reminders/Important Information:

MUSIC PROGRAM — Our class will be singing a few Christmas song today at 12:15 in the Specials room.  We hope you can make it. 

MAPS Testing–  We will be finishing MAPS Reading tests throughout the week.

On Thursday, December 20, students may wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater and pants or skirt (that are appropriate and cover as much as a uniform bottom would).  They may also wear a RED or WHITE top in place of an Ugly Christmas Sweater.

Class Christmas Party-  If you are signed up to volunteer at our Christmas party, please arrive at 11:45 am to set up.  If you are bringing items for our party, please send the items in with your child on Wednesday.  The sugar cookies may be sent in on Thursday morning.

Last Week in 1st grade:

*we practiced writing the 4 types of sentences (declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory.

*we identified and used possessive nouns in sentences.

*we wrote our final drafts of the best Christmas present ever (opinion writing).

*we found where we live on the map and discussed who is in charge.

This week in 1st grade:

*we will review common, proper and possessive nouns, verbs, and the 4 sentence types.

*we will continue to discuss where we live and finish our Me on the Map flip books.

*we will create a flip book about being trapped in a snow globe and use our senses to write.

A Math Message from Miss Garcia

Last week students took the reading MAP Test.  As mentioned during conferences, both 1st grade and 2nd grade students will be taking the Math MAP Test.  We have some technology issues to work through, but students may possibly take it on Tuesday or Wednesday, December 18th or 19th.  If these dates do not work out, we will assess in January. 

Our work with graphing has continued.  Students have used data to create a tally charts, picture graphs, and bar graphs.  They have also answered questions using graphs. This week students will finish up the unit on graphing.  We will also assess this standard prior to Winter Break.

Have a great week!

~Mrs. Rowlett & Miss Garcia~