Classroom behavior policy updated

January 30, 2019 by Natalie Lane

Hello! The last few weeks we have been having some issues in class with being respectful to our peers and adults. The chatting and visiting with friends during class has also been increasing. Due to this we sat down as a class last week and talked about what was going on and solutions to fix the problems that are occurring. As a class the behavior policy has been updated. All students are fully aware of the new changes and they are also posted on the classroom wall and will now be updated on the blog. Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc about any of the changes. The engagement grade was already a grade that was entered weekly.

Updated Policy

  1. Students will receive one verbal warning from teacher to correct behavior. If student continues, their name will be written on the board and students will lose -10 points from their engagement grade. If behavior still continues students will receive a check mark after their name. Each check mark will result in -10 points from their engagement grade for that week. The total times that a students name is listed and a check mark is received will be totaled at the end of the week and deducted from the beginning engagement grade (100). For example, if a student has their name listed on the board and receives a check mark on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, their total engagement grade possible for that week will be 60.
  2. If students are still unable to correct their behavior after losing engagement points they will be moved to a different seat for the remainder of that class period.
  3. If behavior continues, student will be sent to Mrs. Tisdale’s office and an email will be sent home to parents.
  4. If behavior continues, a conference with parents, student, Mrs. Renfroe and Mrs. Tisdale will be requested.