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August 26-29

August 25, 2019 by Amy O'Flaherty

Hello! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend–Cantaloupe Festival, kids’ sports and activities–whatever it was, I hope it was the best! 

Parents, please remember to return ALL paperwork from the white binder. 

Upcoming Tests/Quizzes: Final test on cells, along with vocabulary–Monday, September 9. 

This week in class:

7th Grade Reading–Students will read about and summarize current events with our Week in Rap through Flocabulary; they will annotate poetry in order to delve deeply into various kinds of poems; we will also start our first class novel, The Girl Who Drank the Moon. As we read this book together, kids will be required to think critically, discuss using evidence always, and use Habits of Discussion to create intelligent dialogues surrounding the novel. I can’t wait! Every other week, students will also take a reading assessment that will cover basic comprehension, vocabulary, and critical thinking skills. Their first one is Thursday. Students will track their progress on these and keep a record that parents will be able to look at during conferences. 

7th Grade Writing–This week students will write descriptive paragraphs about themselves, and they will create “mini me” templates to hang with their paragraphs for the entire year. When these are finished, we will move into informative writing. After we review elements of informative (expository) writing and I have a chance to model and show students examples, they will choose a topic to write about. Journal topics will be given out daily as an opportunity for kids to build writing stamina. 

8th Grade Reading–Along with Week in Rap and poetry, students will begin their first novel, The Lord of the Flies. We will start with some pre-reading and and author study before delving into chapter 1. This is one of my favorite books to teach, and I can’t wait to share it! Eighth graders will start assessments next week.

8th Grade Writing–Students will build stamina with journal writes, and they will also write informative paragraphs and essays during the next few weeks. We spent a lot of time on this last year, and this year we will look at using the informative guidelines to also write literary analyses. 

Projects–This week students will be put into groups of 3 to build their 3D cell representations. They will be required to choose something from their own lives and compare how it works to how a cell works. For example, we will look at how a school is like a cell, and how a cell’s organelles compare to different parts of a school. Then students will choose something (sports field, restaurant, store, house,….anything that they are familiar with) and compare its parts to the parts of a cell. Keep studying vocabulary. There will be a final test on cells, along with a vocabulary test on Monday, September 9th. Students may use their 20 minutes of reading homework time to study. 

Homework 7th and 8th: Read for 20 minutes and fill out logs Monday-Thursday.